Saturday, March 3, 2012

NEXT UP: Watch "Revenge"

Since the end of "Friends" and "24," I've been searching for a new television series to look forward to every week. ABC's newest show, "Revenge," finally filled that void. It's a suspenseful crime show, a bloody action series, and a not-too-corny soap opera all in one.

Of course, the plot is the main reason you should become a fellow "Revenge" fanatic. Amanda Clark learns that her father was falsely framed for funding a terrorist attack on the United States. He dies in prison, leaving Amanda with a roadmap back to the people who betrayed him and clues for how to bring them down. Thirsty for revenge, Amanda changes her identity, becoming Emily Thorne. She moves to the Hamptons where she lived as a child and where the victims of her vengeful plight--the Graysons--still live. She meticulously begins exposing secrets, from murders to cover-ups to romantic affairs. It's constant edge-of-your seat drama.

Not hooked on the plot alone? You should be! However, here are three more reasons why you should give this show a chance:

Besides the fact that they're all drop-dead gorgeous (maybe literally since there's always the potential for a character to be killed off), the show boasts an amazingly talented cast. Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark, played by Emily Van Camp from "Everwood," is a rock star. She is able to create a strong female character whose bad side you would never want to get on, yet still has the audience rooting for her. The wealthy Grayson family (four characters on right) are deliciously conniving and twisted; Emily's first love Jack Porter (second from left) is adorably naive; even Mrs. Grayson's assistant Ashley Davenport (far left) mesmerizes with her British accent and ambitious desires. PLUS, Mr. Grayson (far right, played by Henry Czerny) also played "Yuri the Trainer who Trains" in Steve Martin's Pink Panther movie. Now you definitely want to check out the show, I'm sure...
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All that talent is packaged into a very well-dressed ensemble. Perfectly tailored and always flattering, the cast's wardrobe deserves some recognition. The characters look like they just stepped off a photo shoot for a chic fashion magazine. The men and women dress in enviable designer duds, creating a show that's both exciting to watch and pleasant to look at. Hey Emily Thorne, any chance you want to trade closets?

Fictional shows can give the viewer a chance to fantasize about living in another place. Who wouldn't want to frolic in the glitzy Hamptons, partake in elaborate dinner parties on the beach, or enjoy Sunday Brunch in a multi-million dollar mansion? The show's set often reminds me of a Williams Sonoma catalogue; I feel like I should be jotting down interior decorating ideas for my future home. The Grayson Manor is dripping with luxurious linens, furniture collections, and artwork. Emily's more modest beach house has a rustic, classic appearance, complete with a front-porch hammock. Can't make it out to the Hamptons this afternoon? Just live vicariously through the characters on "Revenge."

So there you have it: Three more reasons why you should tune in to this show. My only complaint is the erratic schedule. It is supposed to air on ABC at 10pm on Wednesdays, but there have been several interruptions lately. Plus, the show is now on a hiatus until April. Wah wah. But hey, that just gives you a chance to catch up/rewatch all the episodes posted on Hulu!

Are you a "Revenge" fan? What TV series currently has you hooked?

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  1. I have not seen this show, but I have heard it's pretty good! I'll have to give it a shot sometime!