Monday, March 5, 2012

NEXT UP: Sushi Class

Sushi happens to be one of my favorite food groups (What? I don't see anything wrong with that statement...?). I love the beautiful presentation of fresh fish and veggies wrapped in salty seaweed and steamed rice. Thus, I was thrilled when I discovered a sushi-making class at Sea to You Sushi & Asian Foods in Brookline, MA. My boyfriend and I enjoyed a fun night of learning how to make--and showing off our ability to eat--sushi.

The location is actually a catering company and not an eat-in restaurant, so the rather small space consisted of a kitchen and front counter. My class was made up of 7 or 8 couples (it was the week of Valentine's Day, after all). After introducing ourselves, the head chef gave some advice about how to buy raw fish safely so we could have our own sushi-rolling parties in the future. He was very easy-going and entertaining. 

Then a woman demonstrated the process of making sushi. Basically, you place a square of dry seaweed onto a bamboo mat. You spread a ball of white rice onto the seaweed, creating a 1/2 inch-thick square. You then flip it over so the rice side is touching the mat. Place your desired fillings in a horizontal clump near the bottom of the seaweed square, and use the bamboo mat to carefully roll the whole thing shut. Slice the roll into 6 pieces, and enjoy with wasabi and soy sauce!

Ingredients; Cutting the rolled sushi; Preparing a jumbo roll

We had a plethora of ingredients at our disposal, and we ended up using crab, tuna, salmon, carrots, cucumber, and sweet potato. After "mastering" the sushi roll, we learned how to make jumbo rolls. I had some trouble with this oversized version, so I stuck to cranking out the smaller ones.

We ended up with a ton of sushi. We were stuffed at the end, and even had a plate to take home. I think the amount of sushi and quality of the instruction made the class completely worth the price.

Small sushi rolls

Jumbo sushi rolls

I may still not have mastered how to use chopsticks properly (embarassing, I know), but I'm pretty confident about my basic sushi-rolling abilities now. I highly recommend checking out this class or looking for a sushi-rolling class in your area.

Sushi lover? What's your favorite kind(I'm a classic California Roll fan.) Have you ever tried rolling sushi?

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  1. I love sushi! I was also a california roll lover and maki (?) roll lover. But, now that I'm vegetarian I really want to try avocado rolls!

    1. I used to eat mostly vegetarian, so I can definitely say that vegetarian rolls can be awesome. Try something with sweet potato; it's surprisingly delicious.