Thursday, March 8, 2012

NEXT UP: Four Blogs that PR People Should Follow

Admittedly, most of my Google Reader is filled with baking blogs. However, there is a fair share of public relations-related blogs included as well. I may muse about PR from time to time, but there are actually some truly informational and interesting PR/Communication/Digital Media/etc blogs out there. Here are some of my favorites:

Inspired (Finn Partners' Blog)

Although it has not been around too long, this blog from PR company Finn Partners already boasts a great array of content. My favorite posts are the "Social Media Week in Review" articles. These posts point out some hot headlines of the online world. From these reviews, I've learned that Adele pulled in 10 thousand tweets per second after she won the Grammy for Record of the Year, that a "Meet & Seat" social media program may change the way we pick airplane seats, and that YouTube hit 4 billion daily views.

360 Digital Influence (Ogilvy PR's Blog)

This blog from Ogilvy PR packages the latest internet news and developments into easily comprehended blog posts. Many different Ogilvy employees voice their opinions on subjects from Super Bowl tweets to the SOPA/PIPA outrage. The blog encourages reader discussion, evidenced by the number of comments it garners. I find Ogilvy to be a very creative PR company, and that quality certainly transfers over to their blog. 

HubSpot Blog

Are you familiar with the concept of inbound marketing? Don't be embarrassed if you're not; I wasn't until I learned about the internet marketing company, HubSpot. If you're intrigued, I highly recommend checking out the company's blog. They post great tips for how to enhance your company's online presence. Whether helping you understand the new Facebook Page design or how to create a web link that more easily shows up in search engines, there's a lot of bookmark-worthy posts.

MediaShift (PBS's Digital Media Blog)

I fell in love with PBS' online work when I spent a summer as the Digital Communications Intern at the company headquarters. For a company started over 40 years ago, PBS is actually very much on top of the latest media trends. Their blog, MediaShift, shares insights from top communications professionals--no Bert and Ernie here! Topics include Social Media, Business, Education, Legacy Media, and more.

What blogs do you go to for the latest social media news?
Clearly I like PR blogs and baking blogs; what are your favorite categories?

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