Thursday, March 29, 2012

NEXT UP: Super-Simple Chocolate Pretzel Sticks

You may be noticing a theme in my baking/cooking posts. All of my recipes (except, perhaps, my Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes) can by easily created by even the most kitchen-challenged individual. I believe a recipe does not have to be difficult to be delicious. 

These Chocolate Pretzel Sticks prove it.

During the holiday season in elementary school, when other kids stuck teachers with plastic gift cards or store-bought candies, I triumphantly presented mine with my mom's homemade chocolate-coated pretzel sticks. They were such a hit. I will forever associate this treat with my mom's gifting efforts and my teacher's appreciative reception.

As I got older, I was able to help my mom prepare the pretzel treats. I learned that the trick is to poke holes into a flat styrofoam block so you can stick the pretzels upright as the chocolate dries.

I would post an exact recipe for these sweets...but do you really need one? Basically, it just involves coating 3/4 of the pretzel stick in melted chocolate, dipping the coated stick in your topping of choice (nuts, sprinkles, etc), letting the stick dry in the styrofoam block, drizzling white chocolate on it, and then letting it dry again. 

Simple, but oh-so-sweet.

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