If you're looking for a blog about a leisurely lifestyle or a narrow area of expertise, keep looking.
Life's too short to get stuck on one thing. I'm always excited to see what new and exciting things are next up every day.

Next Up is a place for me to share words and pictures about...well, whatever comes my way! Whether food, travel, art, books, or random musings, I plan to fill this blog with a variety of posts that all share one theme: my unique voice.

So exactly whose voice are you listening to?

That'd be mine!
Recent college graduate. 
Favorite daughter (take that, siblings!).
Loving sister (uhh disregard above statement).
Hardcore foodie (softcore exerciser).
Amateur artist.
Frequent Broadway visitor.
Public relations genius (wink) & social media addict.

I could go on...but I'll let the blog do the talking from here on out.
After all, that's the main reason I want to blog: I love to write.
Feel free to leave comments here/anywhere/everywhere!

So enough about me, go check out what's Next Up...

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