Sunday, April 8, 2012

NEXT UP: The King's Speech...on stage!

Recently, I was surprised with a wonderful opportunity to take a family trip to London. Having studied there last spring, I know London has some of the best theaters (theatres?) in the world. My family and I got tickets to The King's Speech at the Wyndham's Theatre in the West End.

Many people are familiar with the story since the film version won last year's Oscar for Best Film. I somehow missed out on seeing the movie, so I came into the play without much knowledge of the plot.

Even without Colin Firth gracing the stage, the play was fantastic. The acting, staging, and script were--in the words of the Brits--brilliant. A few random points that made the play extra enjoyable:

  • One scene of the play involves the coronation chair. Earlier in the day, I took a tour of Westminster and saw the actual coronation chair. It was neat to recognize it on stage.
  • The actor playing the speech coach was also in Titanic
  • The king's brother dates an American girl. One line in the play read, "She's an American. Americans are the worst." I chuckled.
Now I am definitely interested in seeing the movie version. I hope the play comes to the United States soon so I can recommend it to my friends at home...and so I can see it again.

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