Thursday, April 12, 2012

NEXT UP: A Lovely London Hotel

When I traveled around Europe during my semester abroad last year, I stayed in several hostels. Some were okay, and some were not-so-okay. (Note: Never stay in a 16-person room in Prague. Yuck.

My most recent trip to Europe landed me in much nicer accommodations. My relatives and I stayed at the luxurious Claridge's Hotel. If you want to feel like a princess, this is the place to go.

Lobby of Claridge's; I always felt under-dressed walking through here!

I was not surprised to learn that the cast of Harry Potter stayed at Claridge's during their movie premieres; it is really a star-quality place. My family of six stayed in two bedrooms connected by a living room.

The room service food was delicious, although I mostly just stuck to oatmeal...I mean, porridge. The presentation was spot on as well. Who can complain about waking up to this in the morning?

The rooms were also cleaned at least once a day, and the staff always left goodies. A fruit basket was replenished daily, and our first night was met with a bottle of champagne (for my parents) and a tray of movie-watching snacks.

On Easter, a giant dark chocolate egg filled with wrapped milk chocolate mini eggs appeared in our rooms. However, I was more impressed by the front desk's willingness to cater to our Passover needs. My family held an abbreviated seder in our living room, and we were brought acceptable items to place on our seder plate. The horseradish looked like a marshmallow and the "roasted lambs bone" was a chicken wing...but they did the job!

Almost anyone with a British accent charms me, but the Claridge's staff was exceptionally friendly. They were quick to suggest restaurants and tourist activities, and they never got upset when my group (of 21 people, including young kids!) would get rather loud in the elegant, quiet lobby. Plus, the hotel is in a great location in Central London. Be careful if you're a shopaholic though; there are some very expensive stores surrounding the hotel.

I feel so privileged that I got a chance to stay at this wonderful hotel. If you're looking for a fancy stay in London, definitely ring up Claridge's.

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