Friday, May 11, 2012

NEXT UP: Pleasing my Palette at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

I frequently take time to enjoy the artwork at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, but I had never taken a moment to experience the museum's culinary offerings.

That recently changed when I stopped for a bite at the American Cafe. The green tea with mint was perfect, the food hit the spot, but my favorite part? The presentation. Recognize the shape of the plate?

My order was appropriately served on a plate shaped like an artist's palette! Cute, right? I wasn't too hungry, so I opted for a tasting plate of olives, cheese, etc. It came with small bits of dipping sauce and honey as well. I didn't finish the food, so the waiter asked if I wanted to take it to go. I said, "The food or the plate? Because I'll definitely take the plate!" You know me, always a waiter's favorite funny customer. :)

There were several appealing options on the menu. I'm not sure of the next time I'll have a chance to go, so could someone check the other dishes out for me? Excellent. Oh, and bonus points if you can convince the waiter to let you keep the plate.

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