Sunday, May 6, 2012

NEXT UP: Instagrams of my College Hot Spots

I know I'm super late for jumping on the Instagram bandwagon. But I'm on it and loving it!

I decided to take a study break by enjoying a long walk around Boston today, and I figured it was a perfect opportunity to snap photos. I'm leaving college soon, so I want to remember all the places that were special to me these past four years.

Enter Instagram. I went to town snapping edited photos of my beloved city. Man, I'm gonna miss this place. See below for photo descriptions...

From left to right, starting with the first row:
1. Center of campus
2. College of Communication - my school!
3. The T: Gotta love to hate it...mostly hate it
4. The Citgo sign, serving as my GPS since 2008
5. Malukens Sushi, my friends and my go-to dinner place (never was there for karaoke though)
6. Yawkey Way during a Red Sox game
7. Dad's old frat and the go-to place for parties freshman year
8. Dunkin' Donuts: the definition of Boston
9. Brookline Booksmith, the most wonderful bookstore in the world
10. Coolidge Corner
11. Bay State Road in the springtime
12. The walk to class

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