Thursday, May 17, 2012

NEXT UP: College Thank You Notes

As my college graduation approaches at a terrifying speed, I would be remiss not to make some public thank you announcements. Of course, the most important thank you goes to my parents and other family members for being incredibly loving and supportive. But here are some thank you letters to those less-often recognized things that helped shape my college career:

Dear Single Serving Mac & Cheese Microwave Bowls and ABJ Sandwiches.
   Thank you Mac & Cheese for always being there freshman and sophomore year fter a late night out. You were easy to prepare in my dorm room, and always a satisfying way to end my night. Thank you Almond Butter & Jelly Sandwiches for becoming my new late-night, quick-fix meal junior and senior year, when my palette obviously became more sophisticated.

Dear Freshman Year Room Location,
   Thank you so much for being located directly across from my floor's common room. It was so easy to hear when people were hanging out there. I stayed up late many nights when a quick glance through my door's peep hole confirmed that I could go hang out with my floormates chilling in the common area. It made for many late nights and procrastination feats, but it also made for great bonding sessions with my now best friends.

Dear Policeman Who Pulled Me Over in the Boondocks of Virginia,
   Thank you for pulling me over when I was driving home from visiting UVA during a break my first semester of college. I was feeling unsure about my decision to go to school in Boston instead of at a Virginia school with my hometown friends. This visit to see my friend was to help me decide if I should transfer to UVA. On the drive home, you pulled me over for staying too long in the passing lane (seriously?) and commented on my BU sticker, saying you were a BU alumni. I don't know how you became a sheriff in VA post-grad, but it sure seemed like a sign at the time.

Dear Housing Committee,
   Thank you for stressing me out about my freshman year housing. Merely two weeks before moving to college, you still had not given me my housing assignment. I pleaded and begged to be put in a certain popular dorm building, and you finally placed me on 8A. I met most of my college best friends on that floor. I'm proud to don "8A" on my graduation cap.

Dear Maluken Karaoke Sushi Restaurant,
   Thank you for always being the perfect go-to restaurant when my friends and I wanted to eat out. I have yet to see karaoke ever occur in your space, but I don't doubt it exists. Thank you for all the cheap miso soups, salads drowning in dressing, and California Rolls. I celebrated friends' birthdays here, ended semesters here, and bonded with roommates here. I don't care what Yelp says, you're a gem.

Dear Mass Ave Bridge,
   Thank you for providing a path for countless runs and contemplative walks in Boston. Thank you for connecting me to MIT, where I was able to ease homesickness by hanging out with my one hometown friend who also came to Boston for school. Thank you for providing breathtaking views of this beautiful city. Oh, and thank you for helping my dad walk to class every day when he went to school up here too.

Dear Hand-Holders, Heart-breakers, Former Friends, and Lifelong Friends,
   Thank you for making me laugh when I was stressed. Thank you for making me cry when I was hurt. Thank you for teaching me who and what makes me be a better person. Thank you for making me think about the kind of friend/daughter/girlfriend I can be. I don't care that some of these points sound bad; they all made me the person I am today, and for that, I am so grateful. Live and learn.

Dear Facebook,
   Thank you for making it easy to stay in touch with friends from home, look up people I met during class/parties/activities, procrastinate on papers, put off studying, and find stupid viral videos. You came along at such a great time. Now time to delete all photos from my college experience off my Facebook Page. (Just kidding!)
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  1. Love the story about the BU cop. Congratulations on your graduation!!